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The Municipal Council
Luisa María Salas Bedoya : Syndic III






• M.A. in Finances
• Central Banking Management
• B.A. in Business Sciences.
• Urban elementary school teacher. Instituto María Auxiliadora, Guatemala.


Other studies:

• Budget policies and public management by outcome.
• Formulation and assessment of social policies.
• Professional ethics.
• Business leadership.
• The seven habits of highly efficient people.
• Project design with framework logic.
• Economic integration and international insertion of Central America: trade and the environment.
• Bank marketing
• Research techniques
• Cooperative business direction
• Staff selection techniques
• Stock exchange

Professional experience:

Public sector:

• Advisor to the Board of Directors of Empagua and Emetra, Guatemala’s City Hall.
• Advisor to the Economy and Exterior Trade Commission, Congress, Guatemala
• Management coordinator, General Estate Registry
• Financial Manager, National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics
• Assistant Financial Manager, National Mortgage Institution
• Director of Politics and Schedule, Planning and Programming Secretariat of the Office of the President.

Private sector:

• Coordinator of the Computer science and Statistics areas, Economy Sciences School, Rafael Landivar University.
• General Manager, Barisabe, S.A., y Facel, S.A. services.
• Professor of the Economy and Statistics courses, Rafael Landivar University and Del Valle University.


Independent Consultancies:

• Methodology implementation for the Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing  
• Modernization, restructuring and ruling of the financial area of the Estate Registry
• IGGS problems and a proposal to modify the IGGS Act
• Baseline design for the sub regional project: Prevention and Abolition of Child Labor in the controlled Landfill of Guatemala City.
• Assessment of the scholarship program of the Ministry of Education.
• Management assessment of the Planning offices of municipalities of Guatemala.
• Participated in the Income and Outcome Budget for the 2003 elections project of the Electoral Supreme Court.
• Assessment of the Child Media project at the regional level
• Proposal for a new verifying entity of the Peace Agreements.
• Curricular assessment of the Business Management Degree.
• Assessment of the Scholarships for Girls National Program and a proposal for its extension.
• A proposal for an Education Financing program with gender and multicultural view.
• Analysis of the proposal offered by different entities for the document presented by the Tax Treaty preparatory commission.
• Exterior Trade and Investment analyst.


Main professional achievements:

I have dedicated a large part of my professional life to do specific consultancies for the public and private sectors, and for international organizations in social, economic and financial aspects; strategic planning; program and project assessments.

In the public finances field, I participated in the development of a diagnosis about the capacities of the country’s municipalities to face the decentralization process. Such study was financed by the Spanish Aid Agency and coordinated by the National

Association of Municipalities (ANAM).  I also trained the Development Councils to design, implement and assess investment projects to design the Nation’s Income and Outcome project.

I am currently an advisor for the Finance Commission of the City Hall’s Municipal Council. One of my main responsibilities is to support the Finance Directorate with the Financial Management Integrated System and Guatecompras. I am also a financial advisor to the Boards of Directors of the Municipal Water Company (Empagua) and the Metropolitan Transit and Transportation Entity (Emetra). As part of my responsibilities as an advisor to the City Hall, I belong to the Projects Follow-Up Committee, which meets weekly to make decisions related to large investment projects.  


Lecturas: 3874